Zemi Beach House, an Exclusive Anguilla Hotel

The blues of Anguilla rival anywhere I have traveled to in the world.  In terms of their vibrance and clarity, you will be hard pressed to find more beautiful seas.  The peaceful energy emanating from these transparent blue waters can be felt even from the shore, and on the East side along Shoal Bay, they seem to glow even brighter.

By pure coincidence, I checked into Zemi Beach House just one day after their Grand Re-Opening after Hurricane Irma.  Immaculate in both design and foliage alike, Zemi bore no evidence of the massive storm that directly hit the island in September.  As the first 5 Star resort to re-open, the bar was set exceptionally high, especially where service is concerned.

Our room on the second floor bore peeks of both the tranquility pool, as well as the Atlantic Ocean just beyond.  Our balcony, overlooking both, was perfect for morning coffee and afternoon cocktails alike.  Minimalist opulence is the way our room could be described.  With beautiful slate adorning the floors, a marble-laden bathroom (complete with the prettiest wooden sinks!), a distinct modern island luxe is apparent in all 700 square feet.

The main pool at Zemi Beach House has the most beautiful geometry of any I have ever had the opportunity to swim in.  Not missing the chance to be even more captivating, the pool also features a glass wall overlooking the ocean.  The tranquility pool, pictured above, is a stunning place to experience a zen-like ambiance on the property.  Lunch at 20 Knots was unforgettable, especially given my opportunity to kick off my sandals and nestle my toes in the sand while we dined.  Fittingly, I enjoyed a cocktail called the “Zemi Blue” which matched the blues of Shoal Bay, which the hotel overlooks, perfectly.

Shoal Bay itself is an absolute gem on Anguilla. The blues along the beach were among the most vibrant I saw on all of the island and the 15+ beaches we visited while there.  I loved walking its over a mile long of powdery white sands with my husband!   We loved discovering the various restaurants along the virtually desolate sands.  Two favorites stand out: The Beach Club @ The Manoah, which featured an incredibly decadent seafood pasta, and the Tropical Sunset Restaurant & Bar which served a wonderful seafood lunch.

Service at Zemi Beach House is at a league unto its own, elevating the already beautifully friendly Anguillian culture to a suberb level of hospitality.  Denise with Guest Services took exceptional care to ensure our arrival and departure were absolutely seamless, and the girls at the front desk were so sweet.  It is rare for me to candidly express that a stay was ‘flawless’, but I’d enthusiastically send any one of my family and friends with discerning taste to Zemi Beach House.

To conclude my time in Anguilla at Zemi Beach House felt like a dream within a dream.  The luminous azure waters will remain ingrained in my memory for a lifetime.


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  1. Hi there, yikes it’s me again. Just a quick note to make you aware… Careful! Near the top of your article you mention the Pacific Ocean… Should be the Atlantic… Most importantly I want to thank you for all the wonderful promotion you do of our island. Great job! Wonderful pics and posts…

  2. This looks amazing! I love hearing about beautiful hotels like these because it’s so hard to choose!

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