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Chateau de Feuilles: The Best Boutique Hotel on Praslin

I arrived to Praslin in absolutely torrential rain. Our ferry crossing from La Digue was rough, and my mind was focused solely on having a tranquil afternoon. The moment I arrived at Chateau de Feuilles, I knew I was in for perfect serenity.

Chateau de Feuilles has an air of effortless luxury. Unfinished teak elements are contrasted with exposed rock walls that are reminiscent of the French countryside. Natural light pours into every space. Cliffside views of the Indian Ocean seemed always to be in my periphery. With only 9 rooms (and adults-only), the air is filled only with the sounds of the tropics.

We stayed in the villa, which had an unobstructed view out to the sea, and a shaded deck perfect for lounging. Exposed rock lined the bathroom, and even the jetted tub had a panoramic view.

We booked the ‘bed and breakfast’ option, and enjoyed delicious tropical fruits every morning in the open air restaurant by the pool. I still dream of the fresh croissants and handmade papaya jam! And don’t even get me started about the passionfruit! Dinners at Chateau ooze luxury, and were a special treat. The four courses were prefix, and were a delight to discover. The smoked swordfish carpaccio was especially memorable.

Lounging by the mineral water pool, and taking in the panoramic view would have been adequate, but there was plenty of opportunity to explore. Chateau de Feuilles provides complimentary car rental. The car was delivered to the hotel, making it very convenient! We loved driving on Praslin, and each beach we stopped at was more beautiful than the last. Discovering local restaurants was a joy, and we had a wonderful experience at the modern and funky chic Cafe des Arts.

My favorite beach on Praslin was Anse Georgette, located on the property of the Constance Lemuria hotel. (Pro tip: Access to the beach is capped at a relatively small number. Make a lunch reservation at the Constance Lemuria to guarantee beach access.) Anse Lazio also is perfect for swimming, and the landscape with the iconic granite boulders of the Seychelles looks right out of a postcard.

My favorite experience while staying at Chateau de Feuilles was the wonderful excursion we took to Grande Soeur. Also known as Big Sister island, this private island features two beaches, and lush jungle in between. The public can access the island for a boat landing fee on weekdays… But if you stay at Chateau de Feuilles you are given exclusive access to the island! Closed to the public, the island is yours to explore. The hotel prepared a wonderful beachside BBQ mid-day, and otherwise I spent all day in the sea or on the sand. It was a ‘pinch-me’ experience to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world in such a private setting.

Service at Chateau de Feuilles is of the highest standard. From ensuring our dinner reservations were sorted, to making sure I had ice for a badly sprained ankle (Indian Ocean: 1, Nicole: 0), the staff is dedicated to providing a luxurious and personalized small hotel experience. If you have stayed at other Relais & Chateaux hotels, you will be excited to know that this hotel exemplifies the quality of their properties.

Chateau de Feuilles made my experience on Praslin so special. If you’re looking for a secluded and quiet escape, with unique luxurious details, I implore you to look no further!