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Kauai: Exploring the Garden Isle

The nickname ‘Garden Isle’ is the most beautiful understatement ever made.  Kauai is lush and green, with flawless flora and gentle streams.  It ticks the boxes of a garden readily.  But, Kauai is so much more.  Kauai is wild and untamed, with rivers that engulf highways, and waterfalls that appear spontaneously on mountainsides.  It is …

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Maui on my Mind

When I reminisce about Maui, the first word that comes to mind is serenity.  Not only the ever-present serenity of the beautiful land and seascapes, but a serenity of mind that is only possible on this lush isle. A slowing of thought, a special smoothing of cognition into a blissfully tranquil state that exists continuously… …

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