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Minimalist Packing: Fiji Edition ?>

Minimalist Packing: Fiji Edition

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In all the conversations I’ve had about my recent trip to Fiji, the most common question isn’t about the stunning beaches. It’s some iteration of, “How on earth did you fit everything into that little backpack?!” I’m met with two types of people when I attempt to explain; those who feign inability to bring less than three suitcases, and those who want lessons on. This, is for that second group.


Paradise Cove Fiji: Splurging in Paradise ?>

Paradise Cove Fiji: Splurging in Paradise

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It was just a 3 hour ferry ride between me, and pure Fijian luxury at Paradise Cove Fiji. It was going to be relaxing, they said. Stress-free, they said.

To be fair, it did start out that way. We passed island after island, and stopped at various resorts. The boat called for guests overhead, and they got into smaller boats to depart to their next destination. I watched, through the window, as beautiful beaches gave way to lush green landscapes, which gave way to seaside cliffs and secluded coves. Finally, Paradise Cove Fiji came into view. I recognized it from my obsessive Trip Advisor research, and it looked even more gorgeous than I’d imagined.