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Minimalist Packing: Fiji Edition ?>

Minimalist Packing: Fiji Edition

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In all the conversations I’ve had about my recent trip to Fiji, the most common question isn’t about the stunning beaches. It’s some iteration of, “How on earth did you fit everything into that little backpack?!” I’m met with two types of people when I attempt to explain; those who feign inability to bring less than three suitcases, and those who want lessons on. This, is for that second group.


Paradise Cove Fiji: Splurging in Paradise ?>

Paradise Cove Fiji: Splurging in Paradise

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It was just a 3 hour ferry ride between me, and pure Fijian luxury at Paradise Cove Fiji. It was going to be relaxing, they said. Stress-free, they said.

To be fair, it did start out that way. We passed island after island, and stopped at various resorts. The boat called for guests overhead, and they got into smaller boats to depart to their next destination. I watched, through the window, as beautiful beaches gave way to lush green landscapes, which gave way to seaside cliffs and secluded coves. Finally, Paradise Cove Fiji came into view. I recognized it from my obsessive Trip Advisor research, and it looked even more gorgeous than I’d imagined.


Carmel: Tranquility by the Sea ?>

Carmel: Tranquility by the Sea

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I have the tendency to assume that the further away the destination is, the more pleasure I will get out of my trip. This is my inner Robinson Crusoe speaking. This tendency leads me to undervalue, and even overlook beautiful destinations closer to home.

The weekend that follows was one shrouded in a warm glow of sunshine, desolate beaches, and hazy golden sunsets dripping over every surface. It was a weekend getaway to Carmel I truly regret not taking sooner.


Escape to Punta Mita, Mexico ?>

Escape to Punta Mita, Mexico

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Punta Mita is a place that crept up on me by surprise, and engulfed me. Don’t get me wrong, the stunning vistas and beaches I’d seen in pictures filled me with dreamy notions of a beautiful escape. What I didn’t expect, however, was how deeply the beauty of the place and people would resonate with me.


Maui on my Mind ?>

Maui on my Mind

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When I reminisce about Maui, the first word that comes to mind is serenity.  Not only the ever-present serenity of the beautiful land and seascapes, but a serenity of mind that is only possible on this lush isle. A slowing of thought, a special smoothing of cognition into a blissfully tranquil state that exists continuously… as long as your travels allow you to remain.




Puerta Vallarta Weekend

I’m asked often how I pack so lightly. While minimalist packing can require some forethought, it’s a decision you will never regret. Benefits of carry-on only travel include beating everyone else on the plane to customs, kissing baggage claim goodbye, and not making yourself stand out as a target for scams or crime. Minimalist travel is more than this, though. It’s the freedom to go anywhere, unobtrusively with all that you need at your fingertips. It’s freeing, and easily obtainable.

Pictured above: all the clothes I need for 4 days & 3 nights in Punta Mita, Mexico. (Not pictured: olive green cardigan for the cold plane)


The Best is Yet to Come… ?>

The Best is Yet to Come…

At the request of many, I am coming forward to share my experiences traveling, and finding my favorite little corners of the world.  For those who don’t know me, I’m Nicole — known as Peanut (to my husband, at least), hence the blog name.  I’m a twenty-something California lady with a love of the outdoors, a thirst for adventure, and a penchant for luxury. I love channeling my inner Robinson Crusoe, and leaving home hopelessly far behind.  There is a certain…

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