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Month: July 2015

Birthday Celebrations in Santa Barbara ?>

Birthday Celebrations in Santa Barbara

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I always seize the opportunity for a weekend getaway. Being a nurse has both the attributes of being relatively stressful, paired with a 3 day per week schedule. Long weekends are attainable, and getting away is my personal way of staying fresh, focused, and positive.

For my birthday, I landed upon Santa Barbara easily. I was craving both the beach, and warmth; something the SF Bay Area has only in beautifully fleeting moments. Add a spunky downtown scene, a bohemian aesthetic, a thriving wine industry, and delicious restaurants, and you realize that Santa Barbara was made for this sort of ‘birthday-celebration-weekend-rejuvenation’ thing.


Minimalist Packing: Fiji Edition ?>

Minimalist Packing: Fiji Edition

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In all the conversations I’ve had about my recent trip to Fiji, the most common question isn’t about the stunning beaches. It’s some iteration of, “How on earth did you fit everything into that little backpack?!” I’m met with two types of people when I attempt to explain; those who feign inability to bring less than three suitcases, and those who want lessons on. This, is for that second group.